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Thursday, July 02, 2015

"Tribute - Ode to Mother Emanuel AME Church"

Me as I paint the Plein Air Painting below:

12"x12" Oil on Canvas Painted Alla Prima En Plein Air

Mother Emanuel AME Church has been in the National news much lately.  At the time of this painting, it had been just two weeks when a young 21-year old man, deranged with hate and evil, was welcomed into this historic, Downtown church by her Parishioners gathered for a Prayer Meeting. After sitting for an hour with them he then stood up and shot to death 9 innocent lives including their beloved Pastor.
This blog post requires more than just posting a painting.  There is a long story that goes along with this image that I am unable to go into just yet.  I will "finish" this painting up a bit more; it needs a little refining.  There is just too much yet to say.  I will follow up with another post.

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