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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"High Tide Waterway" SOLD

8"x16" Oil on Gessoed Board   Sold

First painting today.
Hmmmm, am I finished with this?  Not sure. 
But since I treat my blog as my journal of sorts, I am logging it as an example of my journey through this artistic process.

"Afternoon Flight" SOLD

8"x16" Oil on Gessoed Board   SOLD

My second painting today. . . I just couldn't resist painting a most glorious sight. . . as I painted, a flock of Ibis "floated" by.  It was poetry in motion.  

"The Hazards of Plein Air Painting"

16"x16" Oil on Gessoed Board

My only painting of the day . . . . I worked diligently and with great enthusiasm on this rather "large" plein air painting.  I called it a day and started to pack it all up when this wet painting caught a gust and fell over face down in the sand, dirt and grass!  All I could do was laugh. 

"Approaching Storm Irene Over Charleston" SOLD

16"x16" Oil on Gessoed Board   sold

All cleaned up and saved from its fall!  I was standing on Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island looking back toward Charleston Harbor and the Downtown area.
The heavy clouds were the first indicators of Hurricane Irene coming our way.  Thankfully she blew on past us but sadly had other plans for our northeast neighbors who have our prayers.

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Under The Boat House Eaves" SOLD

10"x8" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

The Charleston Artist Collective's Theme for September is "Water"  This is painted from the Boat house we frequent on Sullivan's Island.  We also encountered a Bull Manatee at this location. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"View From The Oar House at Shem Creek Bar & Grill" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

The Shem Creek Bar and Grill graciously allowed us to paint from their oar house and dock.  This view is looking westward up the creek.

September's Charleston Artist Collective them is "Water."

"Two Cats in the Grass" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

Looking down the beach southward, the sun was getting low and the clouds were clearing. 
September's Charleston Artist Collective's theme is "Water."

"Storm Warning" at the Sullivan's Island Light House SOLD

8"x10" Oil on GessoBord                              SOLD

A very unique lighthouse indeed, but it was the clouds moving in fast that fascinated me.  Located on Sullivan's Island at Station 18 is this iconic lighthouse.  The wind was blowing so hard that it moved my hand as I painted!  It was tough to  make a "strong" and "deliberate" brush stroke.  But it was a glorious day to be at work!

"Eva" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen  SOLD
This is an updated or cleaned-up version of the earlier post by the same name.  Check out the Charleston Artist Collective for September.  The next theme is "Water."

"Charleston Shrimp Boat" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD
Next month's Theme for the Collective: "Water"
Another view from one of our favorite spots in which to paint: Shem Creek at the Wreck Restaurant.  You can see the city of Charleston in the far distance.