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Monday, July 20, 2015

"Church of the Good Shepherd"

11"x14" Oil on Linen Panel  painted alla prima En Plein Air on location at this church located on highway 107 south of the cross roads of Cashiers, NC  sold

This lovely little historic church was the subject of my Thursday morning painting for the Joy Garden Tour.  At the Sunday Jazz Brunch when this was purchased, the buyer informed me of the heartbreaking tale of a woman who lost all four of her daughters under the age of 7 to cholera while her husband had to be away for the winter.

Imagine leaving your family for work and returning 3 or 4 months later to your grieving wife who tried desperately to care for your four children, lost them to sickness and buried them herself digging through frozen earth.  Imagine being that mother who faced a mother's worst nightmare alone.

My new friend who now owns this painting says that each time she comes to town she stops by to pay her respects at the monument the church set aside honoring this mother's courage and strength.  It is marked by an old iron gate behind the church.  There you will find the story inscribed at the site.

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