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Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Break in the Storm" Sullivan's Island light house - SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   sold

It rained all day Wednesday here in the Lowcountry; but I managed to capture a break from it all just as the sun was setting.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Church Street Bend"

9"x12" Oil on Linen/Panel

One of my favorite walking streets in Downtown Charleston, this particular spot is most beautiful!  The usually straight Church Street has a section that bends drastically revealing a most quaint corner.

"East Bay Entrance"

10"x8" Oil on Linen/Panel

The corner of Water and East Bay Streets is one of many beautiful entryways.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Just Gathered" Framed

13.5"x39.5" framed Oil on Canvas

Refreshed a still life of green, brown and white eggs
produced on a friend's Johns Island farm

This will be going to a show in the near future

Monday, November 21, 2011

"Autumn on East Bay & Eliott Streets" SOLD

10"x8" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

My inspiring painting friends picked out a wonderful corner of Downtown Charleston at which to paint.  It was lovely!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Little Red Scooter (on Church & Broad Streets)"

10"x8" Oil on Linen Panel

Morning light sparkles on Church Street near the corner of Broad Street. 
 I saw that there was a special concession made for the owner of this little red scooter: it has it's own parking square!

"Entry to Little Red Cottage" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD
Another painting from the Charleston SC Plein Air Paintout. . . a fellow painter pointed out this lovely house and its driveway off of quaint Bedon's Alley.   So I just had to paint it!

"Ol' Glory" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

I recently participated in a Saturday Plein Air Paintout in Downtown Charleston, SC.  This was one of the three I painted that day. 
The Charleston Artist Collective's next theme is RED and my thought is to use this as one of my entries; the red stripes of the American Flag next to St. Michael's Church could be considered the focal point, or is it the Glory that the Church represents?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"Three Palms" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel   sold

Another exercise in painting the negative shapes.  My vantage point where I painted this was standing on the beach at low tide looking up at the hilltop dunes.  There is a sheen or shine on the image so I may retake the photo.  All in all it was a spectacular day to be outside painting!

"Beach Rocks"

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel

Fort Moultrie beach was the site for this painting.  The rocks were making gorgeous patterns of light and dark as the tide was ebbing out.

"Elk Lake Sunset"

11"x14" Oil on Gessoboard

This is a Lake in Michigan . . painted for a friend from a photo taken at sunset.  I would like to retake this image as it has a "shine" from the light reflecting off of the oil paint.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Old Time Shrimpers" SOLD

16"x16" Oil on Board   SOLD

Shem Creek and its surroundng marshes have loads of shrimp boats of the large variety.   I imagined just how many cast net loads of shrimp these small old, rusty boats have seen over the years.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Portrait of Emma in Progress

20"x16" Oil on Linen panel
Almost complete. . . this one is a work in progress

Portrait of Isabella in Progress

20"x16" Oil on Linen Panel
This is only the beginning of this portrait but I like how it started out.  I'm painting one of her sister, Emma, as well.  Emma's is nearly finished.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

"Tree Study" SOLD

5"x7" Oil on treated 400 lb. Watercolor paper   SOLD

I had such a fun time painting this.  The weather and painting conditions were so perfect that I just didn't want to stop painting!  This view is part of the distant tree line at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island.  Trees here are so wind-blown from years of the ocean's breezes that even on a calm day, they appear frozen in a perpetual "blown-over" state.

"Palm Sentries"

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel
Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island offers so many beautiful views from which to paint.
I was standing in the shade of a huge Palm Tree when I painted this.  The ocean is just beyond the row of distant trees and the cool ocean breezes kept me nice and cool on this warm, sunny day.

"Observation Post" SOLD

16"x16" Oil on Board   SOLD
Inspired by an earlier post, "A View For Two"
This one will be in an upcoming show in Downtown Charleston, SC on October 26th at "Stems" located on Coming Street.
This was painted today, and what a perfect day it was to be out painting!  Perfect!

"Ashem At High Tide" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on GessoBord   sold

I was one of a half-a-dozen painters who had privileged access to a little known 55 acres of pristine beauty right in the heart of Charleston, SC.
This was painted en plein air ~ alla prima

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


8"x16" Oil on Board

The Charleston Artist Collective is celebrating its One Year Anniversary with an Exhibit/Art Show October 26 in Downtown Charleston, SC.  This is one piece that will be there.  Hoping you will too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Red Tin Roof" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen                                                SOLD

Fauvism is the inspiration for this colorful painting depicting a friend's gorgeous garden shack.  Check out the Charleston Artist Collective's site.

"Shem Creek Bar & Grill" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Gesso Board   SOLD

Another one for October's Theme: "Fauvism"

"Hanging Out To Dry"

10"x8" Oil on Linen Panel

October's Theme for the Charleston Artist Collective is Fauvism~
A white table cloth and a beautiful, quirky garden Shed - complete with a red tin roof - make for a focal point.

"Fauvistic Still Life" NFS

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   Charitable Contribution
Sunflowers, a Starfish and a square bowl of fruit. . . all painted in the crazy colors of the Fauvism style.

"Coleman Boulevard Bridge" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD
For the Charleston Artist Collective, the crazy colors of "Fauvism" is our Theme for October. . .
this was painted on location, en plein air, on Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant looking back at the Coleman Boulevard Bridge which crosses Shem Creek.

Monday, September 12, 2011

32"x36" Oil on Canvas

An Encore presentation of a plein air painting I did of this site overlooking the Charleston Harbor toward Fort Sumter.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"The Long & Winding Road" SOLD

16"x8" Oil on Board   SOLD

Another gorgeous day in the Lowcountry! 
This is one of the Sullivans Island Plein Air Painters' (SIPP) favorite painting spots. 
It's been a while since we've painted what we've affectionately dubbed "Susie's Path"
and it was good to be back.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

"Like Under The Tuscan Sun"

16"x16" Oil on Board

I am participating in an upcoming Art Exhibit with our group, The Charleston Artist Collective, and this will be one of my paintings available I plan to show.

The Tuscan Urn, the Straw Sun hat and the Sunflowers make me think of European countrysides like Southern France or the Tuscan region of Italy.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"High Tide Waterway" SOLD

8"x16" Oil on Gessoed Board   Sold

First painting today.
Hmmmm, am I finished with this?  Not sure. 
But since I treat my blog as my journal of sorts, I am logging it as an example of my journey through this artistic process.

"Afternoon Flight" SOLD

8"x16" Oil on Gessoed Board   SOLD

My second painting today. . . I just couldn't resist painting a most glorious sight. . . as I painted, a flock of Ibis "floated" by.  It was poetry in motion.  

"The Hazards of Plein Air Painting"

16"x16" Oil on Gessoed Board

My only painting of the day . . . . I worked diligently and with great enthusiasm on this rather "large" plein air painting.  I called it a day and started to pack it all up when this wet painting caught a gust and fell over face down in the sand, dirt and grass!  All I could do was laugh. 

"Approaching Storm Irene Over Charleston" SOLD

16"x16" Oil on Gessoed Board   sold

All cleaned up and saved from its fall!  I was standing on Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island looking back toward Charleston Harbor and the Downtown area.
The heavy clouds were the first indicators of Hurricane Irene coming our way.  Thankfully she blew on past us but sadly had other plans for our northeast neighbors who have our prayers.

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Under The Boat House Eaves" SOLD

10"x8" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

The Charleston Artist Collective's Theme for September is "Water"  This is painted from the Boat house we frequent on Sullivan's Island.  We also encountered a Bull Manatee at this location. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"View From The Oar House at Shem Creek Bar & Grill" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

The Shem Creek Bar and Grill graciously allowed us to paint from their oar house and dock.  This view is looking westward up the creek.

September's Charleston Artist Collective them is "Water."

"Two Cats in the Grass" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

Looking down the beach southward, the sun was getting low and the clouds were clearing. 
September's Charleston Artist Collective's theme is "Water."

"Storm Warning" at the Sullivan's Island Light House SOLD

8"x10" Oil on GessoBord                              SOLD

A very unique lighthouse indeed, but it was the clouds moving in fast that fascinated me.  Located on Sullivan's Island at Station 18 is this iconic lighthouse.  The wind was blowing so hard that it moved my hand as I painted!  It was tough to  make a "strong" and "deliberate" brush stroke.  But it was a glorious day to be at work!

"Eva" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen  SOLD
This is an updated or cleaned-up version of the earlier post by the same name.  Check out the Charleston Artist Collective for September.  The next theme is "Water."

"Charleston Shrimp Boat" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD
Next month's Theme for the Collective: "Water"
Another view from one of our favorite spots in which to paint: Shem Creek at the Wreck Restaurant.  You can see the city of Charleston in the far distance.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"A View For Two II" SOLD

36"X32" Oil on Canvas  SOLD

This was painted out at a property next to Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island.  That is Fort Sumter out in the middle of the Charleston Harbour.  The distant land mass is James Island.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


12"x9" Oil on GessoBord  NFS- Charitable Donation
I have really enjoyed painting still-lifes this month.  It's a great excuse to have more flowers in the house!

"Garlic & Onions" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD
This month's Collective Theme is "Still Life"
I'm BACK!  I had some technical difficulties the past few days with posting, but obviously it is all worked out.  My paintings were beginning to back up!  Glad to be up and running again.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Stargazer Lily Bouquet" SOLD

10"x8" Oil on GessoBord
I love all white bouquets and this one adds a lovely fragrance to my home!!

"Silver Still Life" SOLD

10"x8" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD
Using a Silver Set for next month's Theme: Still Life, I thought it challenging to capture all the reflections of shiney silver. The floral arrangement adds interest and color as well as texture.

"Dusk Between Stations 21 & 22" SOLD

12"x16" Oil on Linen Panel SOLD
I finally did something I've wanted to do for a long time and that was to paint in the evening on the beach. This is Sullivan's Island's Beach looking back toward Station 21. The boardwalk at Station 22 is just about 50 yards behind me. The ocean breeze kept me cool as I painted. It was so relaxing. God's beautiful creation never ceases to bless me!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"View From The Old Pitt Street Bridge" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on GessoBord   SOLD

I found my new favorite spot at which to paint! Leslie introduced me to this lovely out-door paradise. Surrounding me were bikers, walkers, families with small children and their dogs enjoying the sights and a personal trainer giving exercise instruction to his client beside me.
This is the old Pitt Street Bridge where trolleys once trekked across the intercoastal linking the mainland of the Old Village with the island. The trolleys are long since gone and the bridge has collapsed. She informed me that this is a premier spot to view a highly concentrated variety of shore birds in the South East. While painting this I heard quite a ruckus of dolphin feeding right behind me in the water.
That object on the right side of the painting is the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Life: "Still Life with Zinnias and Peaches"

12"x16" Oil on Linen

I got a lot of mileage out of these lovely Sunflowers. . . they still look fresh, too!

Check out The Charleston Artist Collective's site for more info on this piece.

Still Life: "Still Life with Pineapple, Lemons & Peaches"

8"x10" Oil on Gessobord  

I love the reflections of the fruit on the counter top

Next month's Charleston Artist Collective's Theme is "Still Life"


Friday, July 15, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011


8"x10" Oil on Linen panel

It's Shrimping Season! This boat, Eva, came in early this particular morning to unload her catch while I set up to paint. Luckily, Eva remained docked long enough for me to paint her; because as I was breaking down, Eva fired up her engines and chugged back out to sea for more shrimp.

"Beach Dunes at Sullivan's" SOLD

12"x16" Oil on Linen   SOLD

It was painted en plein air on site at Station 21 and then I clarified some values back in my studio after it dried down a bit.

Check out the Charleston Artist Collective in the month of September when the theme will be "Water"