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Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Sullivan's Island On Her Birthday" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Linen   sold

I forgot to post this!  This painting was done just as a storm was approaching which makes for the most glorious cloud formations..Only, when that storm hits, you've got to get out quick!
Just as I was closing the door to my car to drive home the sky dropped out!
But I must say this has to be my favorite of all the Sullivan's Island Light House paintings I've ever done.
Happy Birthday, Amanda!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"A Dream Garden" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Canvas   sold

Painted Alla Prima en Plein Air at one of my favorite places to paint: Bennett Street in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant.  This home's garden is "to die for" gorgeous!!  The picket fence is lined with beautiful blooms of various flowers and the hydrangeas were of the deepest purple!  I've not seen anything like it.  Ah, to dream. . .

"Proud Mamma" Revised SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Canvas  sold

Aw, much better warmed up.  This is the same painting as in the previous post only worked on a little bit more to get the color balanced just right.  I added a bit of 'warmth' to the birds and foreground which helped to add dimension and depth to an otherwise "flat" background.

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Proud Mamma" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Canvas   sold

I am not sure if this is completely finished yet, but I wanted to post it in it's ". . so far" stage.
I may give my eyes a rest and look at it again tomorrow.  I can see that I might need to "warm" up the birds a little bit to differentiate them from the water.  I'll re-post the final painting after evaluating it later.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Nappers & Snackers" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on GessoBord brand panel  sold

I am thinking of doing a small series of paintings depicting these cute little shore birds: Sandpipers

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Greg to the Rescue" sold

"Greg II"
12"x9" Oil on Canvas gifted
This is the second painting of Greg that I did the last day of the workshop.  I loved how this one turned out and I was so appreciative of Greg stepping in to model for us that I decided if he showed any interest at all in wanting this painting that I'd simply give it to him.  He was such a sweet guy with an enormous sense of humor that I just had to do something to show him my appreciation for him.  He's also quite a promising artist himself and I wish him all the best in the years to come!  Thanks, Greg!  

"Greg"  SOLD
14"x11" Oil on Canvas Panel
The first of two paintings of the day, this was a painting that held much promise to be a great success until I messed with it too much!  I decided to learn from my mistakes by keeping it as it is, set it aside and start a new painting entirely.

"Grand Dame Phyllis"

16"x12" Oil on Canvas Panel

Ok, for me the name fits as Ms. Phyllis Eifert is quite an intriguing woman.  Her story is fascinating as she is an incredible artist!  Known for her Equine and figurative bronze sculptures, paintings and drawings, this beautiful woman made quite a name for herself as an accomplished sculptor/painter in the day and age when men dominated the scene.  I guess you could say she was the "Mary Cassatt" among her male artist peers.

"Sweet Luke" SOLD

20"x16" Oil on Linen Canvas   sold

This 15 year old showed incredible self-discipline as he sat for us for the second day's painting.


20"x16" Oil on Linen Canvas

Rachel modeled the first day of the Portrait Workshop for us.

Rich demonstrating how to begin. . . 

Demo in progress

We are all soaking it in. . . 

Our turn at painting with our first model, Rachel

Luke posed for us the following day

The students painting Ms. Phyllis

remembering to "breathe!"

The Concentration could be cut with a knife!

Rich taking a break to read a text

Susan painted masterfully!

Rich and his lovely wife, Kim, hosting the entire class for dinner at their beautiful home.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"Looking Toward Station 18"

9"x12" Oil on Canvas

I narrowly escaped the approaching storm when this was painted.  But it is the best time to paint because the clouds develop dramatic undulations and forms.
I was standing at Sullivan's Island Station 18 1/2 looking toward Station 18.  I believe the distant land mass is either Downtown Charleston or James Island.