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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kristin and the Scarlet Blanket

"Kristin and the Scarlet Blanket" 8"x10" Oil on CanvasBoard

Our second attempt went much better than the first (see "Saturday Morning Cartoons"). I'll give my little one tremendous credit for sitting relatively still as she is only a Four-Year-Old. She was still a "squirmey-wormey" but that's o.k. This was an excellent drill in putting down as much info as possible in the shortest amount of time without getting too caught up in the details. I'm proud of my little cutie. I only hope to do a "full scale" portrait of her someday soon. And yes, she was really into it. . . she wanted to see my progress and when I threatened to quit due to her "moving around" she quickly got back into postition without a sound! Can you tell that I am proud of my little sweet heart?


Mary said...

She looks like her Aunt Karen!

Kimberly said...

A beautiful painting of a beautiful girl!!!

someday139 said...

Tony wants this one for his room!!!

Mary said...