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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Today's Unfinished Plein Air Painting: "Shrimp House"

11"x14" Oil on Canvas

Today we painted at Shem Creek where many shrimpers dock their boats and process their catch.

The day was gorgeous and sunny and very warm!  Our unusual, cool (cold) spring has ended.  The Low-country weather is back on its sweltering track!  By noon it was knocking on 98 degrees!  This will explain why I was unable to finish this painting.
I will work into it more but wanted to post proof that I was out there today.
I'll re-post when this painting is complete.

"Morning Misty Homestead" SOLD

22"x28" Oil on Canvas   sold

The Virginia mountains are majestic in the early Autumn.  This is a commission and it's a surprise. . . Shhhhhh!!! ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Guest Speaker & Portrait Demo for the Trenholm Artist Guild of Columbia, SC

What a time we had last night in Columbia!

I was invited to be the Guest Speaker and do a Portrait Demonstration for the Trenholm Artist Guild of Columbia, SC.  This meeting was the last of their monthly meetings before the summer break. When we all arrived at the Government facility where they gather, we found a note on the door which said, "Closed for Monday May 11th, 2015 in observance of the Confederate Memorial Day"

Gasp!  (honestly, I never knew there was a Confederate Memorial Day)

I had just driven about an hour and a half from home to participate (and hadn't visited a bathroom yet HA!) and now it looked as though the meeting would not go on.  There were scattered and isolated thunderstorms and wind gusts in the area which cancelled out any prospects of holding the meeting outside.

As we waited for the President to arrive the ever increasing group stood under the shelter of the drive through entrance as the members whose turn it was to bring the food offered person by person bite-sized cheese & cracker yumminess to those who waived dinner plans in anticipation of homemade nibbles.  We stood munching and brain-storming about what to do.  It was suggested that we
re-convene the following Monday (ironically that was the only day I had NO "to do" item listed on my phone's calendar!), and this sounded like a good idea.

Then it was suggested we try to find another location.

Any other Government facility would be closed, so someone yelled out, "Let's call to see if the Lizard's Thicket has a banquet room available!"

Sure enough the local chain of Southern Cooking meat-and-three-sides was ready and willing to have 45-50 artists invade their back room, and have an oil painting demo, with no guarantee any food would be ordered. This is Southern Hospitality at its best!

The few images above may tell the remaining story, but to put it simply, we all had a blast!  I especially appreciated the resilience and good humor of this group of artists who will take a blow and make it better.  At the end, everyone chipped in some cash to pay the hard-working folks at the Two Notch Road Lizard's Thicket as a hearty "thank you" for being so gracious and for hosting us at a moment's notice.

The night's experience energized me and reminded me of the goodness of people.  There was never a grumble or a complaint, only problem-solving and genuine smiles.  I really like the group at the Trenholm Artist Guild!

Thanks, y'all, for having me!!  I hope we get together again soon! XO!

Oh, and yes, thanks to Lizard's Thicket for having a clean rest room too.  (smile)