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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Orange Persimmon on Teal"

SOLD 8"x10" oil on linen board painted alla prima
Thanks Anne, for allowing us to use your studio to paint! Super fun day!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Afternoon Silhouettes"

10"x8" Original Oil on Linen Board Painted Plein Air alla prima

"Outgoing Tide at Mullet Hall"

SOLD 16"x20" Original Oil on Canvas Plein Air painted Alla Prima
I was captured by the way the shadows of the quickly sinking sun were creeping across the out-going creek and revealing the muddy beds on either side.

"Tidal Creek at the Cottages"

8"x10" Original Oil on Linen Board
The views were breath-taking!

"Still Life with Oranges"

SOLD 8"x10" Oil on Linen Board

"Study of Marshside Oak Tree"

8"x10" Oil on Linen Board Plein Air
On the property of a friend's home lives this magnificent Oak Tree; a massive focal point of her back yard views.
I just had to try it!

"Pathway at Mullet Hall"

8"x10" Original Oil on Linen Board Plein Air
I had to try it again!
(I really love painting paths and dirt roads)

"Seeing Through Ian's Eyes"

8"x10" original Oil on Linen Board Plein Air
Ian Roberts, a spectacular and inspirational artist, helped me see the cast shadows in their simplest forms as he instructed a group of us at Mullet Hall near Kiawah Island, SC.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Tuscan Mural"

Yes! I do murals, too!

The wall is about 10 feet high and approximately 12 feet wide

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Basket of Brown & Green Eggs with a Crock of Mums"

SOLD 8"x10" original Oil on Linen mounted on Foamboard.

The painting group was unable to meet on our usual painting day so I stayed in and set up a still-life of eggs I got from a friend's organic farm.

Jeremiah Farms is a goat farm located on John's Island. My friend, Casey, and her family raise goats and free-range chickens, they have cats and dogs, rabbits and a whole lot of fun! She makes the most wonderful Chevre with homegrown rosemary and herbs that I have ever tasted anywhere!

"Sally's Beauty - final"

10"x8" original oil on Linen board
I glazed the cooler shadows and brightened the sky just a tiny bit after its initial drying down.
It is finished!

"Old Village Marshview"

8"x10" Original Oil on Linen Board
Subtle revision were made to this one as directed by my friends in a little critique. Thanks y'all!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Sweet Little Martha - Final"

Instead of lightening up the background, I "balanced" it instead. I like this effect much better.

"Sally's Beauty"

10"x8" original Oil on Linen Board
What a glorious day to paint and what a beautiful neighborhood to inspire a plein air painter!
I love these red tin roofs!
The juxtapositions of shapes; the greens to the reds; the warm to the cools all caught my eye as I set up the easle today and voila!

"Floral Entry"

10"x8" original oil on Linen Board
Because of the steady rain on this day (Oct 14th)
Anne graciously opened up her home to all of the painting group to paint indoors.
The grey, cool weather along with the quiet shower of rain created a relaxed, casual atmostphere in which to paint.
The dark and moody interior juxtaposed to the bright and colorful flowers illustrates just how I feel while I am painting even on somber days like this one.
There is nothing better than when one is living their dream - sunshine or not.

"Shem Creek" and "Shem Creek Shrimp Boat" SOLD

The day was a little overcast (which is nice when it is still pushing 90 degrees in late September!)
"Shem Creek" is a 12"x9" original oil on Linen board painted En Plein Air Alla Prima (painted on site out-in-the-open and painted at that time with no additional work in the studio afterward).
"Shem Creek Shrimp Boat" is a 5"x7" SOLD original oil on canvas board painted En Plein Air alla prima, too. This little piece was my attempt at painting those tricky boats and all its gear on a tiny format. I will continue to practice with this subject.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet Martha!

24"x18" Black PrismaColor Pencil on Canson Paper
What a beautiful little girl, and those eyes!!
I think I will "lighten up" the black background a bit and this one is all done!

Decorative Art For A Friend

A friend of mine asked me to paint some decorative art for her. The rooster really exists! He lives on Magnolia Plantation in Charleston.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Green Glass Vase of Hydrangaes" sold

sold 12"x9" Original Oil on Linen Board

The wet weather directed us inside to create a still-life today. As we were setting up our easles, the sun peeked out of the clouds and provided us with a beautiful illuminated scene.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Portrait Sketch - Resting Little Girl"

11"x14" Oil on Canvas

I asked my daughter, Kristin, to pose for me. She did well until she decided that she wanted to paint as well. She didn't want ME to have all the fun, after all!

"Portrait Sketch - Kristin"

10"x8" Oil on Linen Board

Kristin and I were painting together. She at her craft table, I at my easel. From across the room I tried to capture Kristin as she painted, but like me, she just can't sit still for long.
These spontaneous painting opportunities are promising to be wonderful exercises to stretch that "gesture" muscle and get the image down quickly.
I do like the "softness" quality of this one. It seems to exude her personality.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Radiant Spirit"

Gifted NFS "Radiant Spirit" 36"x36"x2.5" on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

A stylized scene of radiant sunshine dappled through a forest of trees. This painting represents a meaningful spot I try to frequent once in a while when I desire calm solitude and refreshment.

"Rhapsodically Red Parts I & II"

"Rhapsodically Red Part I" "Rhapsodically Red Part II"
40"x30" Oil on Canvas with mixed media

One day in an attempt to nurture the "artist within" I allowed my 18-month old daughter to "go to town" on two of my stretched canvases that I was planning to use for paintings at a later date. I would simply re-prime over her scribbles. To my astonishment, she designed her own masterful art. I washed over her work with turpentine which caused her marks to "glow" through the wash, and I loved the result! Her free-flowing spontaneous marks enhanced my "peek-a-boo" style abstract brush work. A collaboration indeed.