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Monday, October 22, 2007

"Late Afternoon Reflections"

11"x14" Plein Aire Oil on Stretched Linen $300.00 SOLD

Adjacent to my backyard is this pond which backs up to wetlands. This relatively small plot of Real Estate can be the source of so much beauty! I worked diligently in capturing the quickly setting sun and how the colors were influenced by it.

"A Break From The Storm - Folly Beach"

8"x10" Plein Aire Oil on Stretched Linen

I was compelled to capture on canvas the dycotomy of the ominous, dark, looming clouds next to that single, bright, crystal clear blue sky: a ray of hope, if you will. A wonder that will never cease to be a challenge and yet a sublime pleasure to try to depict. Is this not life itself?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"The Pathway Home"

10"x8" Plein Aire Oil on Stretched Linen SOLD

Feeling a little sunburned from an earlier painting I was working on at the Beach, I felt that it was time to call it a day and head out. As I was leaving the beach I made it to some shade and noticed this nice "tunnel-like" pathway. I just had to make time for one more, so I set up again and here is the result.

"Rocky Shore"

SOLD 8"x10" Plein Aire Oil on Linen Board

God gets all the Glory for this day!! What Peace! What Sanctity! What a sense of Calm I had painting. One of my painting friends, Susie, made the comment, "It just doesn't get any better than this." And she was right. Aside from the fact that we were in a gorgeous and rather remote location, the sun and clouds were bright and beautiful. The air temperature was comfortable and if we got a little too hot, we simply slipped off our flip flops and dipped our toes in the surf. The folks who live here own a little piece of Heaven on earth! I think I may have gotten a little too much sun, though. It's tough to leave paradise.

"Beach Front Path"

SOLD 10"x8" Oil on Linen Board

Looking around for something to paint, my eye caught sight of this beautiful little pathway from the homes beyond the trees down to the beach where I was standing. It was so nice this day: the hot sunshine beating down on me, yet I was being cooled by the lapping surf of the cool ocean. What a treasure to be a part of such a scene!

"Look At What The Tide Brought In"

Not available for sale
8"x10" Plein Aire Oil on Linen Board

It was such a bright morning this morning when this was painted. It certainly was a glorious day for painting! Oh! I almost forgot, the bundle in the foreground was an interesting item. It looked as though someone had tied four palm tree trunks together with what is now a very rusted cable. I wonder what its original purpose was.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Gesture of a Tree"

"Gesture of a Tree" Plein Aire 8"x10" Oil on Stretched Linen SOLD

Today, my painting friend made a comment about how she looks at trees like people - each tree has a personality and a "gesture" like people do. She is right. After that comment, I will never view a tree the same way again. What used to intimidate me to boredom now intrigues and inspires me. Just behind this tree and the background dunes lies the sea; and this close proximity to the ocean breezes causes foliage to "grow" with the wind. I was enthralled with painting this epiphany of freedom! Even the distant palms in this piece have a gesture and a personality to them.