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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Study: Pecan Trees"

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel

'Tis that time of the year for fresh pecans!!
This was also painted en plein air at the end of Sullivan's Island, SC

"Low Creek Bed"

7"x5" Oil on Linen panel

I love painting here. . . this view is from Shem Creek Park looking out from the shelter.  The tide was out and when it is, interesting shapes and colors are created between the pluff mud, water and grasses.  I love painting here!

"Palm Tree Study"

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel

Another study of shapes and color.  Painted en plein air on Sullivan's Island, SC

"Blue Skies & Palms"

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel

Another glorious day in the Lowcountry!  The shapes of the trees this day captured my attention.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

"Boat Landing"

6"x8" Oil on Linen mounted on Birch Board

After painting "Golden Tidal Creek" I turned 180 degrees into the sun.  This view shows the oyster shell road leading to where I stood near the edge of the tidal creek.  Rains have been relentless and today was only the second sunny day I've seen in over a week.  So I wanted to capture the glisten of the sun on the pluff mud and marsh.  The tree line hides the Sullivan's Island neighborhood beyond.  What a beautiful day to paint!!!

"Golden Tidal Creek"

8"x10" Oil on Canvas

Today is the first day of October and the marsh grasses are beginning to reveal that time of year when they turn from their deep green hue to a more amber tone. . . Some say the marshes are less attractive this time of year.  For me, the golden grasses tell us of cooler days and cozier nights.  Like the "Leaf Peepers" who visit the Northeast to view the glorious color of the changing leaves, this is the Lowcountry's time to celebrate the changing seasons of summer to fall.

Friday, September 26, 2014

"2 As One" NFS - Gifted

"2 As One" 8"x6" Oil on Linen Framed

A dear friend's eldest was married this past Spring of 2014 under this magnificent Oak Tree on their property.  This is to commemorate that lovely day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Glenville Falls" Final (I promise)

24"x30" Oil on Canvas

I just couldn't leave this alone!  As I stare at it in my home everyday I see things that "need work," so I decided to go back into it a bit.  I am pleased that I did. "Glenville Falls" just needed some finishing touches. Now it is ready to go to the gallery in Cashiers, NC.

Friday, September 12, 2014

"Wade Hampton Garden View". NFS

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel.  NFS

This was started en plein air in Cashiers, NC at a private home in the Wade Hampton neighborhood when the sun set and I lost my reference.  I finished this with final touches from memory of one of the most gloriously beautiful gardens I have ever walked through.  This scene only captures a tiny part of the gardens. This is the view from the back of the house over-looking a valley between several mountains and the setting sun created a beautiful glow.  It is my hope to be fortunate enough to return there and attempt a second painting.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Glenville Falls" Final

24"x30" Oil on Linen Canvas  Available at Mountain Mist Gallery www.mountainmistgallery.com

Final image.  What fun!!!!  I'll be visiting this place again in the next month.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Expressionism" is the Theme for October at the Charleston Artist Collective

       "Gone Fishin'" 9x12 Oil on Linen

"Stella Maris" 10"x8" Oil on Linen
       "Shem Creek Glow" 11"x14" Oil on Gessobord

"Red Tin Roof" 6"x8" Oil on Linen

Monday, August 25, 2014

"The Falls at Glenville"

24"x30" Oil on Linen Canvas

This one might not be complete yet. . . but it's always fun to put it out there for your comments.  Let me know what you think.

This one is headed for the Mountain Mist Gallery in Cashiers, NC

"Her Favorite Aunt". SOLD

10"x8" Oil on Gessobord brand panel.  NFS

A friend traveled to help celebrate her favorite Aunt's 75th Birthday and asked me to paint this picture of her as a young woman.  Wow, what a beautiful and glamorous lady.

"Portrait of Noah and his little sister, Corley" Still In Progress

20"x24" Oil on Linen Canvas. Commission-nfs

This is a start of one of my portrait projects. . . and I just had to share.  I am enjoying seeing their faces emerge from the "underpainting."  I love back-lit portraits, especially when little boys' ears are turned bright red from the sunlight shining through.  These children are so full of joy and it is my hope to convey their bright, sunny personalities.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

"North, South, East & West"

24"x30" Oil on Canvas

More for the Shore Bird Series. . . this one is headed to the Hagan Fine Art Gallery on State Street in Historic Charleston, SC.

"Out To Sea". SOLD

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel.  Sold

Painted en Plein Air on location at Shem Creek near the Geechee Dock in Mount Pleasant, SC

Available at www.charlestonartistcollective.org

"From The Sea". SOLD

6"x8" Oil on Linen Panel.  Sold

Painted en Plein Air on location at Shem Creek near the Geechee Dock in Mount Pleasant, SC

available at www.charlestonartistcollective.org

"Breech Inlet Rocks" revised

 11"x14" Oil on Linen Panel

Painted En Plein Air on location at station 31 on Sullivan's Island near the place that separates Isle O Palms and Sullivan's Island.

Available at www.charlestonartistcollective.org

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Quick Draw: "Sweet Katie"

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel

The final painting of the week was the "Quick Draw" where each artist paints a subject of their choice and has two hours to paint it in. . . I asked this lovely young woman if she would be willing to model for me.  What fun!  She said yes and here it is. . . we were under cover of the Village Green structure.  Good thing: it was raining!  She was a trooper and I am very pleased with the result.  All I really cared about was capturing her beautiful cheek bones!  Thank you, Katie!!  You rock!

"High Hampton's #8"

11"x14" Oil on Linen Panel  (available at Mountain Mist Gallery in Cashiers, NC:  www.mountainmistgallery.com)

Our final morning to paint before the judging!  High Hampton Inn and Country Club beckoned to be painted and here I found, up on this bluff looking down at the lake and onto the 8th green, my vision.  I enjoyed this painting process so much!  What a beautiful world in which we live - especially in the Blue Ridge Mountain area!

"After the Storm" SOLD

6"x8" Oil on Linen Panel   sold

After painting "Young Vision" I was not ready to leave. . . however, the bright, hot sun soon turned to a chilly rain shower and I ran for cover.  Up on the covered porch I looked out and this is what I saw. . . the misty air in the valley created the most beautiful purple and turquoise mountains!  My decision was made for me!

"Young Vision" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

Tuesday afternoon found me way up a tall mountain near Glenville at Sunny Hill Farms.  There was so much beauty there to paint that it was almost overwhelming!  There were gorgeous gardens: formal and not; sheep, a sweet little burrow, barns, pigs, dogs, the house itself was a work of art. . but I chose a tree-lined fence line looking down toward the valley.  The light sparkled and the mountain view was mystical.  It caught my eye!

"Peckin' at the Watershed" SOLD

10"x10" Oil on Canvas   sold

Tuesday morning a few of us were scheduled to meet up at Mike Mishler's Farm located on the other side and up the mountain from Cashiers Lake.  What a beautiful place!  He had about 150 chickens and roosters all of which kept me amused!  As I was finishing up this painting the shy chickens must have gotten used to me and crept into my "venue."  So I rushed behind my canvas again and placed them one by one into the scene and this is the result.  As it turned out it was the judges favorite of all my paintings.

Looking for a spot to paint

Pictured here my friend and painting buddy in Charleston, Elizabeth Middour, and myself posing for a shot at Dovecote Cottage.  Elizabeth has already started her little gem and at this point I had yet to find my "painting."

"Cashiers Lake" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   sold
My Monday afternoon took me to Dovecote Cottage in town and just behind it is another real treasure: Cashiers Lake.  Here, I am showing the filet of the gold frame in the second shot.

"Fairfield Dock"

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel

The second painting the morning we were at Merrie-Woode.  Fairfield Lake is the Lake around which Merrie-Woode operates.  Swimming and boating of all sorts are the focus of this beautiful lake.  In the off-season, Merrie-Woode opens its gates and allows the community to enjoy Fairfield's walking/hiking trails all around.

Available at www.mountainmistgallery.com

"Merrie-Woode Falls"

 14"x11" Oil on Linen Panel
(available at Mountain Mist Gallery in the heart of Cashiers, NC  www.mountainminstgallery.com)

The Cashiers Plein Air Paint Out was a huge success and even more, was a ton of fun!!  On Monday Morning, a small group of us Plein Air Painters were invited into Camp Merrie-Woode to capture on canvas the beauty of that magical place. This was my first painting.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Just a couple of my latest. . .

 "Mark's Birthday Present"  9"x12" Oil on Linen Canvas. Sold-commission

"Magnolia Bloom" 5"x7" Oil on Linen Panel

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Cashiers Plein Air Paint Out 2014!

During July 13th through the 19th I am privileged to be a participating artist with the Village Green Cashiers Plein Air Paint Out Event for the third time in a row!

Come out and participate in the Artist Seek where you'll track down each artist and observe as they paint the breath-taking views.  You "tag" them when you scan their tag and place them on the map for others to see.

Fun, music, food, adventure and great art and artists there to meet and greet.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Italian Dessert"

10"x8" Oil on Linen Panel

I played host to some world-traveling out-of-town guests this week and they surprised us with a gift of Prosecco from Doc, Italy.  So I had to pair it with an Italian Creme puff pastry!
Available at www.charlestonartistcollective.org

"Fruit Tart Still Life" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Canvas   SOLD

The theme for the Charleston Artist Collective is "Still Life" and I thought a colorful dessert might be a nice departure from my normal floral still lifes. . . in addition, it makes for a nice treat after the work is done!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Betty's Paradise" GIFTED

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   NFS - GIFTED

The first of two paintings today. . . my attempts at putting color and value information down quickly fight with my natural tendency to be-labor the point or put too much information on the canvas.   This was an exercise in self-restraint and discipline to do what I set out to do in the first place. . . . what do you think?

"Pink & Purple Hydrangeas" SOLD

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

The second of two today. . . Betty's home was once again the Wednesday Painter's beloved Muse.  The sunshine makes her garden glow!  And we simply cannot resist her beautiful subjects!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Wave Runners" SOLD

20"x24" Oil on Linen Canvas   SOLD

This will be headed to the Hagan Fine Art Gallery on State Street in Downtown Charleston, SC.  Check it out:  www.haganfineart.com

"Still Life with Green Apple & Strawberries"

14"x11" Oil on Linen Panel

July's Charleston Artist Collective's theme is "Still Life"

check it out  www.charlestonartistcollective.org

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Offering a fresh drink of cool water to a local Manatee


"Window Box" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen panel   SOLD

Someone commented that the flowers look as though they are trying to peek inside the window. . . they do, don't they??!!
Today was another lovely day to be outside painting with good friends!  The sun was hot, but the breeze was a blessing.  And, we were paid a lovely visit by a manatee!  I'll see about posting that video next.

"Dockside Oyster Beds" SOLD

 8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel  SOLD

The tide was going out so fast that within minutes of starting this painting, the water's edge disappeared into mud!  A great exercise in getting the information down quickly, for sure!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

"2nd Beach Family Holiday" This time with baby SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Linen mounted Panel   SOLD

I could rename this, "No boys allowed" since there are no boys in this picture.  I added a little baby girl in her mamma's arms wearing a turquoise beach hat.  Hope you like it!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Solo Sandpiper" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

Trying to catch up with my posts since my computer crashed.  This was done a couple of weeks ago for the Charleston Artist Collective and its June theme: "Salt & Sun"

"Beach Combers" SOLD

11"x14" Oil on Linen mounted Birch Board Panel   sold

Another one for "Salt & Sun" which is June's Charleston Artist Collective's Theme

"Sullivan's Point" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel   SOLD

A couple of weeks ago we set up near Fort Moultrie and painted at the beach. . . this is a view looking back toward downtown Charleston. . . a very familiar and favorite spot we like to paint.

Today's Paintings: "The Washout at Isle O Palms" & "Three Palms"

"The Washout at Isle O Palms"  6"x8" Oil on Linen Panel

"Three Palms" 8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel. Sold

Today was a glorious day to set up outside and paint!!  The Wednesday painters met at the North end of Sullivan's Island on the beach where the wash out separates the Isle O Palms from Sullivan's Island.  It was so peaceful and clear.  What a day!  Another day at the "office!"

"Blue Bucket" SOLD

6"x8" Oil on Linen mounted Birch Board Panel   SOLD

"Tidal Creek Silhouettes". SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Linen mounted Birch Board Panel.  Sold