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Thursday, February 07, 2019

"Brown Eggs Still Life"

9"x12" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel

I Love how the brown outer shell contrasts softly with the creamy white interior of the shell.
available at www.maryhoffmanfineart.com

Floral Still Life Paintings

February is the month of LOVE and FLOWERS.  
These will never wilt or fade and will last as long as your love will.

"Softness of Spring" 12"x9" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel - available at www.maryhoffmanfineart.com

"A Rose in Bloom"  16"x8" Oil on Belgian Linen Gallery Wrapped Canvas - 
available at maryhoffmanfineart.com

"Sunflowers in a Turquois Vase" 12"x9" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel - 
available at maryhoffmanfineart.com

"Morning Bouquet" 14"x11" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel - available at haganfineart.com

"Flowers & Figs Still Life" 12"x9" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel - available at maryhoffmanfineart.com

Dear Mary, 
Congratulations! Your painting, "Flowers and Figs Still Life", was selected as part of the FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in the December 2018 BoldBrush Painting competition. 

You may view the FAV15% paintings, including yours: http://faso.com/boldbrush/fav15/221 

This honor means that you might be featured in http://informedcollector.com in the coming months. 

Thanks again and congrats again! 

The FASO Team 

Sunrise, Sunset. . .

Over an hour and a half before sunrise, I drove down to Edisto Island's beach to capture 
(plein air paint) the rising sun.

One more time I drove down to Edisto Island to paint the glorious sky but this time it was to paint the setting sun.  The colors were simply sublime!

Wedding Event Paintings - Love is in the Air!

 It is always Wedding Season! 

 This is a beautiful wedding (unfinished, but well on its way) which took place at a very exclusive property on the Ashley River called Runnymead.  Neighboring the historical plantations and gardens up and down the Ashley River in West Ashley SC, this site boasts historical ruins of its own with river views and grand oaks that can shade up to an acre of land!  
This is a stunning location for a wedding.

Another beautiful location to capture a wedding on canvas, and this one is truly exclusive; is the back yard of the Groom's parents home!  This stunning location also has river views behind which the sun sets in glorious technicolor!!  I just love my job!!  

"Portrait of Richard" (being very patient!)

27"x25" Black & White Conte on Grey Canson MiTentes Paper

As an example for a Basic Drawing Class I am currently teaching, 
I needed a model to pose for me. . . Richard willingly sat and did so very well. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"Garden Cottage"

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel nfs (private collection)

A Wedding Event Painting

Stephen & Kelly's Rehearsal Dinner Wedding Celebration 11"x14" Oil on Linen Panel Plein Air sold

My Live Demo at the Hagan Fine Art Gallery on King Street Charleston SC

"First Love After All These Years"

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel NFS

An Anniversary Gift of two lovely people who found each other through thick and thin and are still, after all, still very much in love.

"Portrait of Richard "Moses" Cook"

10"x8" Oil on Linen Panel painted from life nfs

 'I was fortunate to paint this directly from life on site on the streets of Charleston SC of a lovely man who once lived on the streets of the city but has now found a home of his own.  He acquired the nickname, "Moses," because he led his homeless friends out of the the "tent city" to a land (home) of their own.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Art Show, "IN COMMON," Preview

The following are but a portion preview (yes, there's MORE) of what is available at my Art Show 

Friday November 2, 2018 
5PM to 8PM  

Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio
177 King Street
Charleston SC  29401

You are cordially invited to come out and see what we have In Common

"Cloud Procession" 18"x24" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/981399

"Floral Bouquet" 16"x20" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas sold

to see more click: https://www.haganfineart.com/art/floral-bouquet-by-mary-hoffman

"Lowcountry Sunrise" (pre Hurricane Florence) 18"x24" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/lowcountry-sunrise-by-mary-hoffman

"Inspired" 40"x30" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

"Family Tree" 48"x60" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/family-tree-by-mary-hoffman

"Southern Comfort" (Front Porch Living) 12"x16" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/southern-hospitality-by-mary-hoffman

"Solitude" 12"x12" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel  sold

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/solitude-by-mary-hoffman

"Shem Creek Park" 8"x10" Plein Air Oil on Belgian Linen Panel

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/shem-creek-park-by-mary-hoffman

"Wedding Tree" 8"x10" Plein Air Oil on Belgian Linen Panel sold

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/981401

"Cloud Study" 5"x7" Plein Air Oil on Belgian Linen Panel

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/cloud-study-by-mary-hoffman

"To A Place Where I Belong" 11"x14" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas sold

Thursday, October 18, 2018

"Flow" Sold at Auction for Fund Raiser

sold 8"x16" 1-1/2" deep - Oil on Gallery-Wrapped Belgian Linen Canvas
Painted "En Plein Air" on location at the kayak launch on Sullivan's Island, SC

Operation Fundstorm: Hurricane Michael relief fund for the Forgotten Coast

A group of 175+ Artists, led by Artists extraordinaire, Larry Moore, Lisa Hale,  Cathleen Windham and Denise Rose are donating an original work to raise emergency funds for clean up and rebuilding the areas most in need along the panhandle coast.

Many of the artists donating have stood and painted in the spots decimated by the storm.
The monies raised will go to Franklin's Promise Coalition to address immediate needs there: clean up, food, shelter, water, and emergency crews to do the work.

Joe Taylor, from Plein Air South and The Forgotten Coast Plein Air Event, is on the ground clearing debris and helping along with the good folks of the Forgotten Coast area. 



live Sunday October 21st at 7pm, 100% of the profits will go directly to the cause.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

"Madeline Inspired"

40"x30" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

This subject style is unique to my fellow artist, Madeline Dukes, 
with whom I am showcasing art for an upcoming Art Show Friday November 2, 2018.

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/inspired-by-mary-hoffman


"Lowcountry Sunrise"

22"x28" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

This is another one painted for my upcoming show, "In Common," with which Madeline Dukes and I are showcasing our commonalities in our style and subject matter 
as well as what we paint that makes us unique.

available at www.haganfineart.com

"Floral Still Life" SOLD

16"x20" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

Painted as part of an upcoming Show with Artist Madeline Dukes, who is well known for her beautiful abstracted and realistic floral paintings.  
We are calling our show, "In Common" where we will showcase our in common styles as well as the types of paintings that compliment and make us unique. 

sold at www.haganfineart.com

"Family Tree" (with the plank of wood added)

48"x60" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

I added, for the sake of the story, the plank of wood that the children who grew up playing in this tree would use to climb up this enormous Oak Tree.

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/family-tree-by-mary-hoffman


"First Love Endures"

9"x12" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel  sold

Often I'm asked to paint a painting from a favorite photograph.

Monday, August 27, 2018

"Edisto Beach at Sunrise" (Visions of Vacation series)

11"x14" Plein Air Oil on Belgian Linen Panel

Painted on location near the point on Edisto Beach SC just after the sun topped the horizon.  
At this point, looking directly into the rising sun was becoming difficult, so I decided to change my direction 180 degrees toward how the rising sun was affecting the surrounding beach, surf and the sand's color.  It was glorious.

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/edisto-sunrise-by-mary-hoffman

"Just The Two Of Us" (Visions of Vacation series) SOLD

16"x20" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel  sold

While preparing my kids for Back-To-School I found myself wondering 
what ever happened to Summer?!  
The best part of summer is memories we create together with family and friends.
This series hopes to capture on canvas those lovely memories that help us hold on to the precious and fleeting times we share with those we love.

"Spectacular Celebration!" (Visions of Vacation series)

20"x24" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel

Something magical occurs in the sky's color when a storm cloud moves in during the time of the setting sun and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to enjoy it!  This all happened when my family and I were gathering on the beach in anticipation of the Fourth of July Fireworks and celebrate our county's birthday.  The sky put on its own pre-show: a Spectacular Celebration!

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/spectacular-celebration-by-mary-hoffman

"Sisters" (from the Beach Baby - Pretty in Pink Series & Visions of Vacation Series) SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel  sold

Some of the cutest sights I get to witness when I visit the beach are the children who find themselves enjoying a whole new world at the beach.  Almost every time without exception the little boys wear or play with toys that are blue (see "Beach Baby in Blue series") and the little girls wear or play with something that is pink!  So I've started a series for each and here is the latest.  

Sweet childhood memories of times at the beach while family vacations . . . capturing these blissful moments is my hope. Volumes can be spoken in a moment like this.

sold at www.haganfineart.com
here's the link:  https://haganfineart.com/art/sisters-pretty-in-pink-beach-by-mary-hoffman

"Still Life Demonstration (Farmer's Market Finds)"

11"x14" Alla Prima Oil on Belgian Linen Panel available

While I participated in the Cashiers Plein Air Festival this July I was asked to give a demonstration for ticket holders and patrons of the community.  My still life was purchased from the local Farmer's Market a few yards away from the Village Green Commons where I gave the demonstration.

available at https://www.haganfineart.com/art/still-life-with-farmers-market-by-mary-hoffman

Thursday, August 16, 2018

"Family Tree II" sold

"Family Tree II" 20"x24" Oil on Belgian Linen Panel  sold

This is a specific commission of the larger version for one of the children 
whose family owned this farm and this tree.  

She requested that I include the plank of wood that the children used to climb up into the tree and remembers the trepidation she had traversing it way up over the marsh below.

As the owner of this reminisced, she recalled working the farm with her siblings long before the sun awoke. When midday made it too hot to work, 
her father would allow them a break to play and be shaded in these branches.  

During times when the tide was high, they would jump into the cool 
water to be refreshed until work had to resume. 

In the evenings, after the hard work was ended, the 9 children would climb back into the arms of this tree to watch the last display of color and light as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

"Salient Clouds at Kiawah Beach" SOLD

11"x14" Alla Prima Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas  sold

This was my latest demonstration at the Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio of my family's visit to Kiawah Beach just before a strong storm rolled in. . . we were able to enjoy the beach sunshine for at least an hour before we had to pack things up and head for the car.

sold at www.haganfineart.com

"Jazz Encore" SOLD

My husband blessed me with an enchanting night out for my birthday and to also celebrate our Wedding Anniversary at the Charleston Grill where you may dine while being serenaded by a most talented group of musicians.  My youngest sister is a fan of Billy Holiday (a portrait of her hangs behind the bassist) and I wanted to snap an image to show her.  
The image became this painting's inspiration!

sold at www.haganfineart.com

"St. Phillips Steeple"

10"x8" Alla Prima Oil on Linen Panel

While hosting family, we walked around downtown Charleston, SC; we entered the Circular Church's graveyard as the spring blossoms decorated the yard. . . I looked up toward the beautiful, clear, blue sky and saw this magnificent sight!  Now you see it as a painting!

available at www.haganfineart.com

"A Path to the Sea"

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel

Painting with beloved plein air friends, we chose this spot at the end of a street which dead-ends into the edge of Charleston harbor.  There is always a path to the sea.

"Steps to the Beach" (Workshop Demo)

8"x10" alla prima Oil on Linen Panel

This was the final painting of my recent workshop in Charleston, SC 

"Twilight's Last Gleaming (again)"

30"x40" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

"Morning Bouquet"

14"x11" Oil on Linen Panel

A lovely artist friend of mine invited me to paint at her Rockville SC home which is filled with charm and beauty at every turn.  We set up this still life early in the morning on her front porch and got straight to work. . . the golden morning sun was rising and glowing . . .  this is one of the results.

available at www.maryhoffmanfineart.com

"Rich History (The Charleston Library Society)" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel

The light filtered through the trees onto the steps of this historic and beautiful building always attracts me to paint.  This was done this spring as you can see the bright red Japanese Maple glowing around the corner of the building.  

sold at www.haganfineart.com

"A Path To The Sea"

8"x10" Plein Air Oil on Linen Panel 

Painted on location in the Old Village at the end of Center Street which dead-ends into the edge of Charleston Harbor.  The views are breathtaking!

available at www.maryhoffmanfineart.com