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Thursday, September 29, 2016

"New Discoveries"

12"x12" Oil on Linen Panel

A sister and brother exploring the beach's title pools and all its wonder one morning.

I may continue to work on this and add a bit of dark values to make the focal point pop a bit more

It Was A BUSY Wednesday!

"Sullivan's Island Beach Path" 8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel
painted En Plein Air on location at Fort Moultrie's Field, Sullivan's Island

"Sullivan's Island Beach Path" was my second painting of the day. . . the sun was high but I just couldn't waste the beautiful sunshine and had to paint another!

"Wind Swept" 12"x12" Oil on Linen Panel
painted en plein air on location at the edge of the Fort Moultrie Field
on Sullivan's Island, SC
"Wind Swept" was almost titled "The Field Beyond" or "Flower Guardian" (because of all the wild flowers growing in the shade of this tree. . there were a million butterflies all over the place!  
It was so beautiful!

Taken with a flash

My set up at the Boardwalk Inn at Wild Dunes on the Isle O Palms, SC

I was asked to represent the Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio and demo-paint Wednesday afternoon at the Boardwalk Inn for the guests.  It was fun and it allowed me to get a good start on another painting I have titled, "New Discoveries" 12"x12" Oil on Linen Panel

Tanvi Pathare Portrait Workshop

 September has been a very exciting and busy time for me as has this entire year!

I was fortunate enough to have participated in a Portrait Workshop 
Young Beauty   24"x18" Oil on Linen
here in Charleston, SC with Tanvi Pathere.  
Tanvi Pathere is native of Mumbai, India but now lives in Florence, Italy where she is a Premier Instructor at the Florence Academy of Art.

Still Waters Run Deep 24"x18" Oil on Linen
The instruction was second to none and I thoroughly enjoyed Tanvi's expertise.  It is my hope that I sit under her instruction again.

Monday, September 26, 2016

SOLD! "Creek's Low Tide"

Thanks to the Hagan Fine Art Gallery on State Street in Charleston, SC, for finding a new home for "Creek's Low Tide!"

"Chloe's Lemonade Stand III"

14"x11" Oil on Linen Panel sold

This is a popular scene at the Farmer's Market in the heart of Cashiers North Carolina to the point that "Chloe's Lemonade Stand" is becoming an iconic landmark.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Fourth Floor View - Pinckney Inn"

16"x20" Oil on Linen Canvas painted en plein air on location from the fourth floor of the 
Andrew Pinckney Inn's Refreshment Porch

Go to their site and you'll see where I stood while painting this 
(except that I chose the other view 180 degrees):


available through the Hagan Fine Art Gallery on State Street

"Plein Air Wednesdays"

"Charleston's Industrial Side" 8"x10" Oil on Claybord painted En Plein Air, Alla Prima on location near the Historical Bennett Rice Mill at the Ports Authority in Charleston, SC


Orange Still Life Studies

Painting Study of Orange Slices  8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel 

Plein Air Painting with friends on her front porch painting a still life study of fresh orange slices and her favorite enamel mug.

Still Life Study of Orange Slices and Enamel Mug on Cutting Board

10"x10" Oil on Linen Panel

Took the study a little further with this one

Monday, August 29, 2016


"Together" 22"x28" Oil on Linen Canvas - Sold

"Together" is one of a dozen of paintings being featured at the Real Estate Studio, a Hagan Fine Art Special Art Exhibit on display through September 13, 2016.

I'll be painting en plein air street-side at the Real Estate Studio during Second Sunday on King
September 11th at 214 King Street, Downtown Charleston

Come on out, I'd love to see you!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

"Winston!" NFS

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel painted alla prima of my friend's old time friend, Winston.  Winston is a faithful boating companion and I captured him seated in their lake boat. This was gifted to her as my thank you for hosting me during the Cashiers Plein Air Festival.

"Tranquil At Last"

12"x12" Oil on Canvas, painted en plein air, alla prima in Castine Maine.  Available - contact the artist: artistmlh@yahoo.com

This Main Street of Castine was particularly beautiful and I especially loved the light as the sun dipped low behind the hill above. The exquisite Castine charm that one experienced in her people seemed summed up in this streetscape.

Little did I know until after I had painted this, that up until about three weeks prior to this paint out, the town revamped and overhauled this entire street when it buried the power lines and tore up and repaved the sidewalks and street.  The overhaul had some of her residents a little upset but when it was all said and done, the town beamed with pride and shined brighter than ever.  
Tranquility had returned!


"Just the Two of Us" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel, Painted en plein air, alla prima in Castine, ME.  sold

"Homeward Bound"

8"x10" Oil on Linen panel, painted en plein air, alla prima in Castine, ME
Available - contact the artist: artistmlh@yahoo.com

"Hello Sunshine!" SOLD

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel,  sold
painted en plein air, alla prima, in Castine, Maine at one of the most glorious gardens I've ever had the privilege in which to paint!

A close up.  

While I was in Castine Maine this past July painting in their Paint-Out, I was invited by my host's next-door neighbor to come "behind the curtain" into the husband & wife's gorgeous yard to paint their beloved gardens.  

Wow!  The gardens they created were magnificent! I was told by my host that they lived in Philadelphia in the heart of the city way up in a highrise apartment and never owned a pot of soil! And they designed it, laid it all out all by themselves!  They achieved quite an incredible task!

When they purchased their home in Castine, they explained that it was just a box of a house on a rectangle lot: boring!

So being the researchers that they are (I believe they are University Professors) they went to work researching which plants would thrive in that zone and designed sections around their house breaking up the expansive, boring space into several different beautiful gardens.  

Their backyard looked very Zen-like with its neat and tidy spaces of sculptural grasses and rock walls and paths. Their side yard reflected the upper New England picket fences and flowers, but their front yard was an explosion of color and most of that color came from a hillside filled with several varieties of daffodils!  This variety was the largest and most yellow and I was drawn to it because of its sculptural quality as well as the fact that it was so "sunny" and made me happy.

That front yard of theirs was so colorful and plush that it was the landmark that the locals used in order to explain directions to places in relation to it: 
". . . you'll come to the top of the hill and a little to your right you'll see the house with the magnificent front garden. . "

I know that I was invited inside a well kept secret; not one that many are privy to. It is a special thing to be allowed to see inside someone's private sanctuary, but even more so to capture a part of it on canvas.
Sold at the Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio
27-1/2 State Street
Charleston SC 29401


Wednesday, August 03, 2016

"Dennett's Wharf"

"Dennett's Wharf" 12"x12" Oil on Linen

Painted En Plein Air, Alla Prima, on location in Castine ME at the Wharf

available at Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio


(843) 901-8124

"Next In Line" SOLD

 My final (and probably favorite) painting of the Castine Plein Air Festival before the show

 The experience painting in Castine Maine was incredible!  
The light was amazing and the people were gracious and quick with a smile.

"Next In Line" 12"x12" Oil on Linen sold
painted en plein air, alla prima on location at Eaton's Boat Yard during the Castine Plein Air Festival

Ironically, after this was titled "Next In Line" I found out that the owner of this boat yard, Kenny, is quoted as always telling his boat clients that their floats will be set soon because it is "next in line. . . "

"Secret Garden Angel" SOLD

10"x10" Oil on Linen Canvas sold  painted en plein air, alla prima on site

A beautiful garden begged to be painted and its treasured guardian angel too.

Monday, August 01, 2016

"Southern Elegance Art Show"

"Southern Elegance"

A Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio Show
will be on display at the

Real Estate Studio
214 King Street
Charleston, SC

August 3, thru  September 13, 2016


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cashiers Plein Air Festival

 2016 Cashiers Plein Air Paint Out Award Winners
L-R: Richard Oversmith (Artist Choice), Kathie Odum (Honorable Mention), 
Harold Frontz (third place), Greg Barnes (Winning Pastel - 1st Place), Me (Mary Hoffman - Quick Paint), Larry Moore (2nd Place), Judge Norma Hendrix
 What an incredible week it's been!!  A whirlwind of action and painting hiking up and down mountains and traversing waterfalls and creeks; avoiding as many bug bites and sunburn as I can and all the while meeting and associating with the greatest folks around.  I love this place!
"Got Any Grapes?" 14"x11" Oil on Gessobord, Quick Paint Winner!

"Canyon Kitchen View" SOLD

 12"x12" Oil on Linen Panel sold painted en plein air on location at the Famous Canyon Kitchen at Lonesome Valley in Cashiers/Sapphire Valley NC

I had to get this down quickly because as I painted I could hear thunder rumbling in; and where there is thunder there is lightening!

"Dinnertime!" SOLD

8"x16" Oil on Canvas sold Painted en plein air on location at Camp Merrie-Woode as the campers were cleaning up to head off to enjoy their evening starting with the dinner bell.

Great Plein Air Paint Outs bring out Great Friends Old & New

Lovely Patron Kathy Erickson came from Atlanta to watch the Plein Air Artists at work Artist Jim Carson is one of the greats!

My awesome and gracious hosts Rebecca & Terry Wiler

 My new friend I affectionately refer to as "California Kim"- fab artist Kim VanDerHoek

 The Village Green Board Chair, the Judge Norma Hendrix and Plein Air Festival Coordinator Extraordinaire Ann Self

"Touching Heaven" SOLD

 11"x14" Oil on Linen Panel sold  Painted en plein air on location at nearly 5,000 feet above sea level on 400 acres of private property outside of Cashiers NC

To get an idea of the GRANDNESS of this stunning property, there is a little building left of center that represents a little one-room school house (replicated); I was standing on a bluff above the field leading down to that school house. A little dirt road lines the next ridge above a small valley which leads back upward to the small Christmas Tree Farm behind that.  As I painted this, a black bear wandered out of the tree line into sight at the top of the hill above the Christmas Trees.  Beyond the big ridge of green trees is another valley and beyond that are rolling mountains of purple mist.  It was almost too much to take in! WOW!

"Touching Heaven" was purchased on the last day of the sale at the last hour by a woman who came in hoping it was still available.  . . she explained to me that she saw the painting at the Gala the night before but didn't buy it and then couldn't sleep all night for thinking of it.  What a relief, she said, when she came in and saw that it was not yet sold!

My Demo of Camp Merrie-Woode's Old Bald & Lake Fairfield

 "The Grandeur of Merrie-Woode" 11"x14" Oil on Linen Panel painted on site at the Village Green Alla Prima during my Painting Demonstration for the Cashiers Plein Air Paint Out
 I enjoyed talking to a lovely group of spectators and artists about my plein air set-up and how I approach a painting. Using a snap shot I took while painting at Merrie-Woode a few years earlier, I produced a sizable painting in under 2 hours. My favorite part is the foreground lilypads.
Call David Berger for more information and availability of this piece:

Mountain Mist Gallery  (828) 743-1801