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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cashiers Plein Air Festival

 2016 Cashiers Plein Air Paint Out Award Winners
L-R: Richard Oversmith (Artist Choice), Kathie Odum (Honorable Mention), 
Harold Frontz (third place), Greg Barnes (Winning Pastel - 1st Place), Me (Mary Hoffman - Quick Paint), Larry Moore (2nd Place), Judge Norma Hendrix
 What an incredible week it's been!!  A whirlwind of action and painting hiking up and down mountains and traversing waterfalls and creeks; avoiding as many bug bites and sunburn as I can and all the while meeting and associating with the greatest folks around.  I love this place!
"Got Any Grapes?" 14"x11" Oil on Gessobord, Quick Paint Winner!

"Canyon Kitchen View"

 12"x12" Oil on Linen Panel sold painted en plein air on location at the Famous Canyon Kitchen at Lonesome Valley in Cashiers/Sapphire Valley NC

I had to get this down quickly because as I painted I could hear thunder rumbling in; and where there is thunder there is lightening!


8"x16" Oil on Canvas sold Painted en plein air on location at Camp Merrie-Woode as the campers were cleaning up to head off to enjoy their evening starting with the dinner bell.

Great Plein Air Paint Outs bring out Great Friends Old & New

Lovely Patron Kathy Erickson came from Atlanta to watch the Plein Air Artists at work Artist Jim Carson is one of the greats!

My awesome and gracious hosts Rebecca & Terry Wiler

 My new friend I affectionately refer to as "California Kim"- fab artist Kim VanDerHoek

 The Village Green Board Chair, the Judge Norma Hendrix and Plein Air Festival Coordinator Extraordinaire Ann Self

"Touching Heaven"

 11"x14" Oil on Linen Panel sold  Painted en plein air on location at nearly 5,000 feet above sea level on 400 acres of private property outside of Cashiers NC

To get an idea of the GRANDNESS of this stunning property, there is a little building left of center that represents a little one-room school house (replicated); I was standing on a bluff above the field leading down to that school house. A little dirt road lines the next ridge above a small valley which leads back upward to the small Christmas Tree Farm behind that.  As I painted this, a black bear wandered out of the tree line into sight at the top of the hill above the Christmas Trees.  Beyond the big ridge of green trees is another valley and beyond that are rolling mountains of purple mist.  It was almost too much to take in! WOW!

"Touching Heaven" was purchased on the last day of the sale at the last hour by a woman who came in hoping it was still available.  . . she explained to me that she saw the painting at the Gala the night before but didn't buy it and then couldn't sleep all night for thinking of it.  What a relief, she said, when she came in and saw that it was not yet sold!

My Demo of Camp Merrie-Woode's Old Bald & Lake Fairfield

 "The Grandeur of Merrie-Woode" 11"x14" Oil on Linen Panel painted on site at the Village Green Alla Prima during my Painting Demonstration for the Cashiers Plein Air Paint Out
 I enjoyed talking to a lovely group of spectators and artists about my plein air set-up and how I approach a painting. Using a snap shot I took while painting at Merrie-Woode a few years earlier, I produced a sizable painting in under 2 hours. My favorite part is the foreground lilypads.
Call David Berger for more information and availability of this piece:

Mountain Mist Gallery  (828) 743-1801

"The Honeymoon Cottage"

"The Honeymoon Cottage" 12"x12" Oil on Linen Panel sold  painted en plein air on location at High Hampton Inn & Resort

I was shielded by a tree and a large bush from any golfers who might tee off just above me.  But I got the best view of the iconic cottage. The grist Mill was (and I think still might be) a working mill. I don't know how old the cottage is but it is most likely close to 100 years old. I guess I can Google that. I had a blast painting this. I'd heard so much about it and yet never sought it out or saw it in person.  I am so glad that I did this year.

"Mornin' Cuppa Coffee"

12"x12" Oil on Linen Panel  available at Mountain Mist Gallery in Cashiers, NC

While at the High Hampton Inn and Resort painting this scene of Rock Mountain, a man sat in one of the rocking chairs just in front of me to my left as he also enjoyed the view sipping his morning cup of Joe.  What can I say, he inspired the title.

Call David Berger at the Mountain Mist Gallery for more information about this piece.

Mountain Mist Gallery
(828) 743-1801

"Thanks for Thinking of Me"

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel sold
Painted en plein air, Alla Prima, on location at the Village Green in Cashiers, NC

This is another view of the meditative Garden located within the Village Green

"Norton Falls"

 8"x10" Oil on Linen Panel  sold
Painted en plein air, on location at Norton Falls on Lake Glenville, Cashiers/Glenville NC

My hostess, Rebecca Wiler, along with her two dogs, Winston and Buddy, toured me and fellow artists, Karen Hewitt Hagan and Mary Ann Cope in her Pontoon Boat to this locale: Norton Falls where we all painted this refreshing site.

"Merrie-Woode Mist"

8"x16" Oil on Canvas Painted en plein air on location at Camp Merrie-Woode during the Cashiers Plein Air Paint Out July 2016

The morning was cool and the mist was rising off of Lake Fairfield and the light united it all!

Contact David Berger of the Mountain Mist Gallery in Cashiers for more information regarding this piece.
Mountain Mist Gallery
(828) 743-1801

"With Thoughts Of You"

12"x9" Oil on Linen Panel sold

Painted en Plein Air on location at the Village Green of Cashiers, NC and will be featured as the cover of the 2017 Joy Garden Tour's Catalog Cover.  I'm thrilled!

Cashiers Plein Air Festival

Cashiers Plein Air Paint Out of North Carolina

I'm thrilled to announce that my painting "Got Any Grapes" was an Award-Winner during the Quick Paint the final day of the Cashiers Plein Air Festival!
"Got Any Grapes?" 14"x11" Oil on GessoBord
It's the local Lemonade Stand started by a young girl who wanted to raise money for her elementary school.  The word got 'round and after a big donor matched what she initially earned and then Grandparents of other children matched that amount, she brought a check for more than $300.000.00 to her school!  Now, the tradition continues as students volunteer to man the lemonade stand throughout the summer.  All proceeds go to their local elementary school.
The title comes from the song my children loved to listen to on YouTube about a Duck that walks up to the Lemonade Stand and asks the Man, "Got Any Grapes?" 
Here's the link:

Once again, the friendly folks of Western North Carolina did not disappoint and came out in droves to share in the fun and festivities all the while showing the Artists what true hospitality is all about!

 I was asked to present a Demo and paint for the crowd a painting of Camp Merrie-Woode

 Fellow artist, Larry Moore, exemplifies how the Artists feel during the rigorous painting week.  But it is always fun!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Real Estate Studio Preview Show

Announcing the Real Estate Studio Art Show 
214 King Street in Historical Downtown Charleston, SC

August 4 through September 13, 2016

The following is only a preview of the many works you'll see there.
Each painting is available for sale through

the Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio
27 1/2 State Street
Charleston, SC 29401



"A Length Ahead" 20"x24"

"Intercoastal Wonder II" 30"x40"

 "Magnolia's Red Bridge" 6"x8"

"Twighlight's Last Gleaming" 30"x40"

"Intercoastal Wonder" 6"x8"

"Majestic Elegance" 40"x30"

"Pitt Street Cottage" 6"x8"

"All in a Row" 10"x10"

"Oyster Beds" 8"x8"

"Pitt Street Morning" 8"x6"

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Portrait of Laura" AFTER

12"x9" Oil on Linen Panel

I took a couple of photos of Laura as I left the gallery and worked off of those to produce this. . . I liked the fact that she gave a little smile so I wanted to incorporate that into her portrait to show off her sweet personality.  The original painting (the "before") captured her in mid-sentence since we chatted while she sat for me.  I love to interact with my portrait subjects.  I enjoyed Laura's wit so much that I must admit I got rather lost in conversation.  From now on. . . . "less talk, more paint." hee hee

I've heard it said that the portrait artist always puts a little bit of themselves into their portraits and as I write this I see that I gave Laura my own chin. . . I will come back later to see if I need to diminish this chin or not. . . I suspect I shall be uploading another image. Stay tuned! (smile)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Winston!" nfs - gifted

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel   nfs - gifted

Winston is a sweet little Pug belonging to a long-time friend from WAY back! After about 30 years our paths crossed and we are enjoying a new-found friendship!  But "SSHHHH!!!" this is a surprise gift for her.  I'm not even going to launch this out on social media until she receives it. (Let's hope she hasn't subscribed to my blog yet) ;0)

"Laura's Portrait - BEFORE"

12"x9" Oil on Linen panel

While at Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio, I took the opportunity to paint one of the Gallery's beautiful Art Consultants: Laura.
This painting, so far, is completely painted from life.  I plan to go into it just a little bit more to complete the unfinished parts (lower left corner) and pull it all together.
Cross your fingers that she'll love it!

"Morning Stroll on Queen"

22"x28" Oil on Linen Canvas

While I was walking around downtown Charleston one morning, it struck me how serene and quiet the city is before the 9:00 AM hour.  Long, cool shadows stretched across the warm streets; and everything was at peace. Maybe I should have titled this "Tranquility."

Available at Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio
27 1/2 State Street
Charleston, SC 29401



Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Old Village Cottage"

6"x8" Oil on Linen Panel painted en plein air on location at the Old Village of Mount Pleasant.

This is the second of two plein air paintings I did this week out with the painting group. I couldn't resist this cute little house.  The light reflected off of the warm colored siding and created beautiful cool colors.  I just love painting in this quaint village.

"Old Village Charm"

8"x6" Oil on Linen Panel painted en plein air on location in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant, SC on Pitt Street near the Pitt Street Pharmacy and the Green Shutter.

This home is so charming I couldn't help but paint how the light came through the trees and lit up this cute front yard.

"Magnolia's Red Bridge"

 6"x8" Oil on Linen Panel

I was out at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens painting with friends and this historic bridge begged for me to paint it.  There was an algae bloom in the pond so there were no reflections. The spring time weather was perfect though!

This will be one of many pieces being featured in "Southern Elegance" art show coming this July on King Street in downtown Charleston, SC.

available through Hagan Fine Art and Studio
(843) 901-8124

Monday, May 23, 2016

"On Her Wedding Day"

9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel

I worked on it a little bit more pulling out the Bride, her mother, the Bride's brother and her mother's best friend. . . . oh yea, the Groom is back there too.

"Intercoastal Wonder II"

30"x40" Oil on Linen Canvas

This larger version is based on the little Plein Air Painting I did from Sullivan's Island. . . hhmmm, I may continue to work it out. . .

Thursday, May 12, 2016

"Intercoastal Wonder"

6"x8" Oil on Linen Birch Board

This is the latest plein air painting with the SIPP group and is the location looking back toward the Ben Sawyer Bridge to Sullivan's Island.
The clouds were magnificent and warm.  So was the day!  This shot is a little shiney, hope you can make it out.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

"Sails & Shrimp" SOLD

32"x32" Oil on Canvas  sold

Shem Creek is one of our painting group's favorite spots to paint and this day was a spectacular day to be down there.  "Sails & Shrimp" wasn't 24 hours in from the framer's to the gallery before it had a "red dot!"  Thanks to Karen Hagan of Hagan Fine Art & Studio for finding its new home!