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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"The Little Yellow Kayak and the Old Wooden Boat"

8"x10" Original Plein Air Oil on Belgian Linen Board
Painted "Alla Prima" $100. SOLD

These two boats were huddled together and the colors were magnificent! My eye was captured by the hot yellow next to the cool turquoise-y blues and the hot pink (faded red plastic) gasoline container.
It also appeared that the "younger" yellow kayak was keeping company with the "older" wooden boat as they nestled into the grasses waiting to be of use again.

"Incoming Tide" SOLD

8"x10" Original Plein Air Oil on Archival Belgian Linen Board
Painted "Alla Prima" SOLD

The Wednesday painters were back at one of our favorite spots today. The conditions were perfect for painting!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Talor's Portrait - almost finished!"

We're almost there!! We met back on location where the portrait originated. The day was sunny and clear and the light created wonderful, rich color on Talor's face. I loved how the light also bounced up onto her face from her dress. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Oyster Roast Long Forgotten - Revised"

sold 11"x14" Original Plein Air Oil on ArtBoard (must be framed under glass) $300.

This is the same painting as the earlier post last week, however, I went back in and "punched-up" some of the color and the contrast. I like how this turned out. There seems to be a definate "foreground" and "middle ground" in relation to the "back ground" now.

"April Morning at the Pond"

SOLD 14"x11" Original Plein Air Oil on ArtBoard (Acid-free archival heavy stock Paper)

Must be framed under glass. The day was gorgeous: no bugs, cooler, no humidity and the blue sky seemed to go on forever! I had to get out there and paint!! Here is the result.