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Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Radiant Spirit"

Gifted NFS "Radiant Spirit" 36"x36"x2.5" on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

A stylized scene of radiant sunshine dappled through a forest of trees. This painting represents a meaningful spot I try to frequent once in a while when I desire calm solitude and refreshment.

"Rhapsodically Red Parts I & II"

"Rhapsodically Red Part I" "Rhapsodically Red Part II"
40"x30" Oil on Canvas with mixed media

One day in an attempt to nurture the "artist within" I allowed my 18-month old daughter to "go to town" on two of my stretched canvases that I was planning to use for paintings at a later date. I would simply re-prime over her scribbles. To my astonishment, she designed her own masterful art. I washed over her work with turpentine which caused her marks to "glow" through the wash, and I loved the result! Her free-flowing spontaneous marks enhanced my "peek-a-boo" style abstract brush work. A collaboration indeed.