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Monday, January 30, 2017

"The House that Love Built" & "Generations of Love" Commissioned Set of Two SOLD

"The House That Love Built" 9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel sold
Painted en Plein Air and finalized in the studio.

This is a story of a 10-acre homestead in the heart of Mount Pleasant SC whose family built and lived for over three generations.  It was decided that the remaining two grandchildren would sell the property, since they each lived in other parts of the country with their own growing families.

"Generations of Love" 9"x12" Oil on Linen Panel, painted en plein air on location 
and finalized in the studio sold

The Realtor who handled the transition and sale of this property has a heart the size of Texas! 

Imagine the stories he over heard the property owners tell of the porch swing out front where true love was first declared or the sitting stool Daddy built by hand as a little boy; 
or memories of planting the sapling trees that grew into climbing trees in the front yard.  
They grew so large that they now shade the entire front quarter acre.
He empathized with the family letting go of their long established homestead and thought to capture its image on canvas before the buyer could demolish it from sight.
This Realtor, who handled the sale of the property and listened intently to the memories shared by the sellers, decided to commission paintings of this home to give to each remaining descendant for a commemorative memorial.  What a generous and heart-felt gesture!

I recently drove by the property to catch another glimpse of this building which housed so many sweet memories and aged along side its inhabitants over the generations of life well lived but it was gone.  There was nothing but the rubble of ancient brick and wood siding where someone's home once stood.  And my heart felt a little ache of sadness, yet bittersweet because of the forethought of their Realtor (who thought beyond what he could get out of the deal).

This entire process warmed my heart and enriched my belief in our fellow man through the generosity and kindness of this Realtor.  I will tell you his name if you leave me a comment and a way to privately message you until I might get his permission to use his name on this site.

Hug your loved ones today.  After all, it's only a house but it is those we love that make it a home.

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