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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Greg to the Rescue" sold

"Greg II"
12"x9" Oil on Canvas gifted
This is the second painting of Greg that I did the last day of the workshop.  I loved how this one turned out and I was so appreciative of Greg stepping in to model for us that I decided if he showed any interest at all in wanting this painting that I'd simply give it to him.  He was such a sweet guy with an enormous sense of humor that I just had to do something to show him my appreciation for him.  He's also quite a promising artist himself and I wish him all the best in the years to come!  Thanks, Greg!  

"Greg"  SOLD
14"x11" Oil on Canvas Panel
The first of two paintings of the day, this was a painting that held much promise to be a great success until I messed with it too much!  I decided to learn from my mistakes by keeping it as it is, set it aside and start a new painting entirely.

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