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Thursday, June 21, 2012

"In Repose"

8"x10" Oil on GessoBord brand Panel

Thank you Beth for opening up your lovely home and allowing us to paint such a beautiful model in such a perfect setting! 

Cassie is one of my favorite models!  She is a natural.  She should do this for a living. . . any artist who needs a great model should consider this young lady.  My friend, Beth, opened her home to us.  She lives near the beach and had her windows open which allowed the ocean breezes in.  We listened to the birds sing, the music was sweet and low; the breeze cooled us as we painted the perfect sitting in the perfect setting.  (smile)


John Brian Guernsey said...

i like it. very appropriate use of soft vs. hard edges.
Get your supplies ready for Cashiers!. See you there in a couple weeks. Darn, I just reminded myself, i gotta spend a whole lot on supplies myself. (painful)

Mary said...

Thanks, John! I look forward to painting with you again! See you there!