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Friday, April 02, 2010

"In The Shadow Of The Almighty" from the "Oaks of Righteousness Series"

28.5"x22/5" Oil on Canvas

This is a larger version of a 10"x8" I painted En Plein Air a few years back and always wanted to make it into a larger painting.

Lately, I've been "into" Oak Trees. The Oaks found in the region where I live are so beautiful and gnarly and figurative. They have a "movement" all their own. They are really crying out for my attention so I have started a series called "The Oaks of Righteousness" series.

What drew me to paint this was not only the "key hole" that the trees themselves made down the end of this path, but their cast shadows as well. The patterns across this crushed oyster path were so beautiful! It begged to be painted.