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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Still Life - Fruit on a white plate"

"Still Life - Fruit on a White Plate" 8"x10" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas Board $100.
I had to work fast! This is the result. Quick, quick brush work. Details were essentially left out. Another exercise in putting down the major notes as fast as possible. Perhaps my next painting will be a more "finished" one. We'll see.


Katherine M Schneider said...

Mary, this is so fresh and exciting. Love it!


Mary said...

Thank you, Kay, for your continued support with your visits and leaving your comments. It is so encouraging to hear how other's see what I am painting and letting me know via their feedback. You are much appreciated!
I like your closing comment which I will re-interate: "keep your brushes wet!"

Mary said...

I mean, "Re-Iterate" (smile)