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Friday, March 26, 2010

"Sunny Day At The Park" GIFTED

11"x14" Oil on Canvas
I love the "tunnel" created by the large Oak Trees in this park... They almost look as if they are reaching out to give a hug. I liked the organic shapes of the trees in contrast next to the newly renovated Band Stand.
What a glorious day to be out painting!


Gabriella Smith said...

I love this picture it shows that this picture is calm. I love the tree and its highlights have you ever thought of doing charcoal? You would be very good! Keep it up!!!!

Mary said...

Thank you very much, Gabriella. Yes, in fact I do charcoal as well. Vine charcoal is one of my favorites. I do figurative and portrait charcoal drawings. Are you also an artist and is charcoal your favorite medium? Thanks!