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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"My Secret Cove - Distant view of Fort Johnson"

"My Secret Cove - View of Distant Fort Johnson" Oil on ArtBoard 11"x16" SOLD
"Heaven!" The hot sun, the cool ocean breeze, the children playing in the surf as their father cast for fish. . . what could be a more perfect day? . . . Painting it!!
I was so blessed by two little sisters who were having the time of their lives playing in the sand and sea. They would occassionally come over to where I was painting to ask me a question or two and then skip back off to their play spot. As their time on the beach came to an end, they both stopped by to offer me a hug good-bye and a beautiful flower that I wore behind my ear. I've just "painted" for you MY ideal day! "Heaven!"

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