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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Sunshine on My Shoulders" SOLD

7"x12" Oil on Linen Panel   SoldThe Wednesday painters were out at Briar's Creek Country Golf Club when this was painted.  It is part of the Charleston Artist Collectives Theme "Song Titles"

Monday, October 29, 2012

"Church Street View" Morning Painting of the OPA paint Out

9"x12" Oil on GessoBord brand Panel

My morning painting for the Oil Painters of America Paint Out in Downtown Charleston, SC.  We could not have ordered up a nicer day to be outside painting!  thank you, my friends, who came out to visit me while I painted this one.

"Church Street Neighborhood"

9"x12" Oil on GessoBord brand Panel

The afternoon glow was really spectacular bouncing between these two buildings on Church Street in Downtown Charleston, SC!

At the End of the Day - The OPA Paint Out

WHEW!  What a day!  It was beautiful, and cool, yet got warm and then cool again. . . this is me at the end of the day next to my paintings.  Thank you, Hilarie!!  You did a great job putting together this year's OPA Paint Out Charleston!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Painting With Old & New Friends!

Mary Edna, Karen Weihs and me painting on Sullivan's last Thursday.  Not pictured are Judy Fuller and Jane Smithers who are such incredible artists and lovely women who make me laugh!  Such fun!

"Through the Gate" SOLD

6"x6" Oil on Gessobord brand panel

It was a grey day last Thursday when I was invited by a dear friend, Karen Weihs, to join some new friends to paint on Sullivan's Island.  Fun!

"Home Team BBQ" SOLD

11"x14" Oil on Gessobord brand panel   sold

Another one for November's theme: "Text In Art" for The Charleston artist Collective.  I've wanted to paint this for a couple of years now. . . "Text in Art" gave me a great excuse to do it!

"Hilltop View" SOLD

9"x12" Oil on Gessobord brand panel   Sold

Today, Anne and I spent our Wednesday painting at the top of the mound behind the Fire Department on Sullivan's Island.  The Sullivan's Island Lighthouse which you see in the distance in my painting is located all the way on the opposite side of the island!  the views are spectacular since you are up so high.  So unlike the "Lowcountry!"

"Kiss Hug"

12"x16" Oil on Gessobord brand panel

Can I be any more literal than this for November's "Text In Art" theme??  But to know me is to know I love hugs and kisses from my family and friends!

"Welcome To Sullivan's Island"

6"x6" Oil on Gessobord brand panel

"Text in Art" exercise for November's Theme at the Charleston Artist Collective

"Warning Sign"

9"x12" Oil on Gessobord brand panel

It was a cloudy, overcast day last Wednesday when we met at Fort Moultrie to paint.  "Text In Art" is the Theme for The Charleston Artist Collective in November.  A challenge, no doubt, for me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Charleston Florist" SOLD

8"x10" Oil on Gessobord brand panel   SOLD

I was spotted by Scout Magazine (see my Face Book post on October 10: facebook.com/maryhoffman)  This is what I was painting in that photo.  I'm on King street and that's Viextemps Bridal Boutique and the Charleston Florist for "Text in Art" which is the Collective's November theme.  Enjoy!

"Enter - One Way"

12"x9" Oil on Gessobord brand panel

"Text in Art" is our next theme for November at the Charleston Artist Collective
I was on King Street painting this one near the Library which happens to be the first library established in the USA.