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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Atop 'The Mound' - Sullivan's Island: View of Ben Sawyer Bridge"

Not yet available for sale 9"x 12" Original Plein Air Oil on Linen .

My first time at the top of "The Mound" of Sullivan's Island.
It's strange to see this verticle piece of RealEstate emerging from ground that is at sea level. At the top, one can see the Intercoastal Waterway all the way across the Island to the Atlantic Ocean! Beautiful vantage points for painting!

"The Path That Leads To Home"

8"x10" Original Plein Air Oil on Linen mounted on Foam Board -

This is the path we've affectionately dubbed "Susie's Path." This vantage point is what you see after you've made it to the beach and are now on your way back home. It's full of beautiful surprises.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Her Morning Walk, Her Morning Therapy"

14"x11" Original Plein Air Oil on Linen $300.
This path is very special to me in many ways. It is the path where "The Sullivan's Island Plein Air Painters" had our photo taken which currently hangs in our window showcasing our paintings at Saks Fifth Avenue. It is also a favorite of mine to paint. . . here lies many beautiful painterly vantage points.
But mostly this is a friend's tranquil morning ritual: a beachward walk with her two trusty K-9 companions.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Summertime Sea Oats and Sky"

Not yet available for sale
8"x10" Original Plein Air Oil on Linen mounted on Board

The beach is just in sight as I walked the sandy path toward the sound of breaking waves and folks walking their dogs before the 10:00 am "curfew."
The sight of distant land surrounded by its own beach seemed to "float" above the water.
The clouds were cooperating and creating such beautiful swirls of color and shape. The breeze gently cooled me as it rocked the sea oats back and forth. How could I pass up this opportunity to paint this experience???

"Where the Beach Begins" SOLD

8"x10" Original Plein Air Oil on Linen mounted on board sold

I wanted to show the walking path's transition from grass to sand as it leads you through the sand dunes and beyond - down to the beach. What a welcoming sight.

Check us out at Sak's Fifth Avenue!!

Although this is not a clear shot of the window where our Plein Air Group was invited to showcase our Plein Air Paintings, it is exciting to think that we're here for all to see in downtown Charleston, SC!!

My painting entitled, "Little Yellow Kayak and Old Wooden Boat" sold from out of the Saks Fifth Avenue window; and I am thrilled!!

If you happen to be in the area, stop by the Market Street windows of Saks Fifth Avenue and check us out!! Be sure to let me know what you think.


DONATION TO CHARITY 8"x10" Original Plein Air Oil on Linen mounted on board

As the tide came in the water began to cover the oyster beds along the creekline. I was fascinated by the dark mass of trees juxtaposed to the bright, lighted greens of the grasses at the creek's edge. Another lovely day!