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Friday, March 30, 2007

"Tennessee Springtime: Someone's Watching" 20"x24" Oil on Canvas sold
While visiting a friend in Eastern Tennessee, I took a series of photographs from this field. The cows' hoove prints created this "pocked texture" in the soggy ground each time they drank from their watering hole. A most intriguing and inspiring topography which begged to be painted.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


"Placid Pond" 9"x12" unframed Oil on Canvas, $300 unf; $450 framed
Again, whenever I can't make it to the coast to paint, I find that there is an abundance of resource in my own backyard! God's Beauty truly is all around us!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Portrait of The Lilies" 30"x26" Oil on Linen sold
What a wonderful couple! I wanted to capture the enduring and endearing love they share. I truly love the process of producing a portrait: the relationship between the client and I develops beyond just business. A "piece" of them remains in me and a "piece" of me remains with them; and they always capture my heart!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Shadow Dancin'" 10"x8" Oil on GessoBoard $100
I love the way the patterns of purple shadows "dance" across the crushed oyster shell path so much that I want to use this as a reference to create it again on a 40"x30" canvas or larger. So if you are interested in purchasing this one . . . we will have to make arrangements for its delivery to be contingent upon the completion of its "offspring."

"Charleston Harbour" 9"x12" Oil on Canvas $200 unf; $350. Framed
While downtown on Charleston's Waterfront, I was captured by the colors and shapes of the many different grasses that waved in the breeze. These beautiful, vibrant textures contrasted beautifully to the ruddy reeds which washed up with the last tide.


"Still Life with Pears and Strawberries" 16"x20" Oil on Canvas $500

"Boat Study" 8"x10" Oil on GessoBoard $100.
The reflections in this study were interesting to me and -although quite a challenge - FUN!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Slack Tide - Marsh View" 9"x12" Oil on Canvas Board $200 unframed
It's amazing to see how light and water play together to create such a colorful palette


"Palms at Fort Moultrie (Three Palms)" SOLD

"Palms at Fort Moultrie" Oil on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas 9"x12" SOLD

Another gorgeous day in Paradise. . . . Our painting group gathered and inspired this composition

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Seaside Serenade"
9"x12" Oil on Canvas $200 unf
$400 framed
My friend, Anne, invited me to paint at her family's "farm" which is repleat with beautiful splendor! Eye candy for an artist, is what it was! Thank you, Anne!!



"Island Gem"

9"x12" Oil on Canvas $200 unframed; $400 framed

A small inlet revealed at low tide this alcove of color; a photograph does it no justice - you'll just have to take my word for it. I love this piece.


"Seaside Serenity" 9"x12" Oil on Canvas $200 unframed; $400 framed
It threatened rain the entire morning. The rain never came; instead it only offered a more sultry, moody, result sold

My Beautiful Family
January 2007 while on our annual trip to Aruba. We are making the sunset cruise aboard the Mi Dushi ("My Sweet Heart" or "My Sweet One") an annual tradition as well.
Ah, the sweet, winter days in the Aruban sunshine!